A Sister For Celia

Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

More December 12, 2009

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More is the keyword in the Carey home of late!
**laundry (so many bibs! teeny-tiny onesies, socks)
**food (Tessa loves to eat)
**dishes (lots of little bowls and spoons)
**toys and books (mostly chewable)

We’ve been privileged with several visits from Grandma and Grandpa–there’s another wonderful more. We put up the Christmas tree but without Tessa or the new cat taking too much notice. I think Tessa is mostly asleep when the lights go on! She is sleeping and napping well, such a blessing for us “older” parents. Celia continues to advance in her piano lessons, delighting her teacher each week, even though she doesn’t get to practice as much as I think she should! Yet every week she pulls it out of her hat and plays well for her teacher.

Clark is still off work, which turned out to be a blessing and good timing as I had a surgical procedure earlier this week. He was home with the baby and then could do all her care while I couldn’t for a few days. Soooo good to hold and cuddle her again! We have such wonderful friends who have been keeping us well-fed with delicious meals while I recuperated. You should have shown up at our house around mealtime…great food around here!

Now it’s on to big-time Christmas planning and shopping and fun! We start this weekend with gingerbread cookie making with dear friends from Celia’s adoption travel group. But soon after that we say good-bye to my brother and his wife and family as they move to China. He got a job there and they will live in Beijing. It will be good for Xia Kui to be close to her parents and family again, and she and Rob would like the girls to experience life in China while they’re young. Celia will dearly miss her much-loved cousins Victoria and Stephanie!


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