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Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

“That’s All She Wrote” February 23, 2010

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Yes, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted anything here. Wonder if it even matters anymore–is anyone still following this blog?? It seems as if it’s been a long winter for me, and since a number of very kind, concerned people have asked, I’ll post this one update here and be done with it so the focus can return to Tessa and Celia and Clark.

I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer while Clark was in China for Tessa. This is not terrible news because it’s the best kind of cancer one can have (if there is such a thing). The timing was terrible, yes. After 2 lumpectomies and not being able to get a “clean margin”, we have determined that the best course of action now is a mastectomy, which is scheduled for March 24. After that we’ll look at the pathology report to see what might need to be done on the other side–if more or different cancers are found, cancer found too close to the skin, etc. (Chemo can never be an option for me because I’d lose my transplants.) Mostly I am annoyed at this, wanting to focus on the baby instead of me and my problematic body. I’m also obsessing over the drain tube I’m told I’ll have after surgery. Big old yuck.

I also celebrated Clark’s 50th birthday back in January by coming down with a major case of the flu (yes, I had both shots). Spent the night in ER for good measure. Clark has been very accommodating and helpful as usual, and he hasn’t once complained that his birthday went by almost unacknowledged (thanks, mom & dad, for bringing him pizza that night!). I am so grateful that he’s had time off work–originally for Tessa’s adoption but it’s also included too much Janet care. I’m also so thankful and indebted to so many kind people who have helped me in so many ways this winter–meals, house cleaning, cards, and mostly prayers.

I’m not yet where I want to be strength-, energy- and health-wise, but I’m getting there. The girls are being fed, cared for, Celia is getting to school and back, and we’re getting the essentials done. Look forward to feeling better soon and getting outside when the sun returns and the weather warms up!

And that’s all she wrote!


2 Responses to ““That’s All She Wrote””

  1. Aunt Medge Says:

    Yes, I am still checking this web site. Glad to see you added something. I love you.

  2. Aunt Medge Says:

    Oops — I see this still had the old email address. Just corrected it.

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