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Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

March 2010 March 26, 2010

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Sorry that there’s been little to no activity here! I, too, check certain blogs almost daily and am disappointed when there’s nothing new to see. So far March has been busy but not necessarily fun busy. I’ve been pretty sick the last few weeks and the blog got put on the back burner. Didn’t take too many pictures, either!

I’ve decided that Tessa is REALLY hard to photograph! She doesn’t yet get the concept of smiling for the camera, even though Celia models that perfectly for her. I might have to give in and get their pictures taken professionally.

Tessa is walking everywhere but still tipsy on the turns and the stops. We had a few days of nice weather earlier this month, so she actually got to see the outside of the house/the neighborhood some. Celia’s been out on her new bike (thanks to cousin Victoria) and is ready for Lakeside vacation. Celia is growing out her bangs so the hair is a big hassle every morning. Her teeth are coming out in batches any more, so she has a gapped, crooked smile! Two of the last four teeth she’s wiggled out on her own. Celia hasn’t put the teeth under her pillow because she wants to keep them.

Finding houses to rent at Lakeside was a bit of a hassle this year (thanks, mom, for figuring that out!). The houses we’ve stayed in for the last several years were not available this year, so we had to start from scratch. We’re getting pickier about where we’ll stay at Lakeside, what the house has to have, etc. that it’s hard to find enough houses near enough to each other to fit us all. My sister, Marcia, just suggested a family spelling bee for this year, and it sounds like a great idea. Better start reading that dictionary now…

Clark & Celia are on spring break next week, so that should be fun. I’m itching for warmer weather so I can start walking around the yard checking for plants coming back. We do have daffodils coming–the squirrels and chipmunks didn’t get them all last year!

Oh yes, my surgery that was scheduled for earlier this week has been postponed until I can get a new health issue taken care of. Really want that done before the end of April, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through this new round of doctors/tests/etc. before then…. I want to get all that over with soon because I’m ready for summer to begin!

PS–there are a few new pictures in the Flicker album, to the right.


2 Responses to “March 2010”

  1. Gwen Says:

    Love the new photos….Rachel has the smile with tons of holes in it too 🙂
    Praying for you all and sending lots of love

  2. Gail Says:

    What blogs do you check daily?

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