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Lockport Parade June 19, 2010

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In spite of the numerous, seeming unending storms around here, the little (hokey) Lockport Canal Days parade did go on, abeit shortened. We guessed that some entrants just didn’t even show up, not knowing if it would happen w/ the storm. The parade route is a block from our house, so we must go every year. Celia got some good candy, Tessa was in the backpack most of the time and did okay, even w/ the fire trucks. Celia knows how to “work” a parade—standing, smiling, waving continually while holding open her bag w/ the other hand. Tessa did some good waving, too. Celia also knows to stand for the flag and put her hand over her heart.


Updates Are Coming! June 13, 2010

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I’ve had this note on my to-do list for ages: “update blog”. And I think I’ll get to it soon! But first a quick story about Tessa…

We went out to eat last night at a family-style restaurant, and Tessa was in a high chair entertaining the crowd–waving at everyone, waving again, smiles all around, really hamming it up. I mentioned to Clark later that night what a little entertainer we have in Tessa. Then about 2 AM I hear her calling out and we get up and check the video monitor (love that thing, thanks Shelley). Tessa is standing in her crib, waving and saying “Hi!” to who knows who or what she thinks she sees in her room! What a ham she is. She’ll laugh a corny fake laugh when she hears laughter, and then laughs some more, thinking she’s a crack-up. God has blessed us with one happy baby.