A Sister For Celia

Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

Lockport Parade June 19, 2010

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In spite of the numerous, seeming unending storms around here, the little (hokey) Lockport Canal Days parade did go on, abeit shortened. We guessed that some entrants just didn’t even show up, not knowing if it would happen w/ the storm. The parade route is a block from our house, so we must go every year. Celia got some good candy, Tessa was in the backpack most of the time and did okay, even w/ the fire trucks. Celia knows how to “work” a parade—standing, smiling, waving continually while holding open her bag w/ the other hand. Tessa did some good waving, too. Celia also knows to stand for the flag and put her hand over her heart.


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