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Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

Lockport Parade June 19, 2010

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In spite of the numerous, seeming unending storms around here, the little (hokey) Lockport Canal Days parade did go on, abeit shortened. We guessed that some entrants just didn’t even show up, not knowing if it would happen w/ the storm. The parade route is a block from our house, so we must go every year. Celia got some good candy, Tessa was in the backpack most of the time and did okay, even w/ the fire trucks. Celia knows how to “work” a parade—standing, smiling, waving continually while holding open her bag w/ the other hand. Tessa did some good waving, too. Celia also knows to stand for the flag and put her hand over her heart.


Updates Are Coming! June 13, 2010

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I’ve had this note on my to-do list for ages: “update blog”. And I think I’ll get to it soon! But first a quick story about Tessa…

We went out to eat last night at a family-style restaurant, and Tessa was in a high chair entertaining the crowd–waving at everyone, waving again, smiles all around, really hamming it up. I mentioned to Clark later that night what a little entertainer we have in Tessa. Then about 2 AM I hear her calling out and we get up and check the video monitor (love that thing, thanks Shelley). Tessa is standing in her crib, waving and saying “Hi!” to who knows who or what she thinks she sees in her room! What a ham she is. She’ll laugh a corny fake laugh when she hears laughter, and then laughs some more, thinking she’s a crack-up. God has blessed us with one happy baby.


March 2010 March 26, 2010

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Sorry that there’s been little to no activity here! I, too, check certain blogs almost daily and am disappointed when there’s nothing new to see. So far March has been busy but not necessarily fun busy. I’ve been pretty sick the last few weeks and the blog got put on the back burner. Didn’t take too many pictures, either!

I’ve decided that Tessa is REALLY hard to photograph! She doesn’t yet get the concept of smiling for the camera, even though Celia models that perfectly for her. I might have to give in and get their pictures taken professionally.

Tessa is walking everywhere but still tipsy on the turns and the stops. We had a few days of nice weather earlier this month, so she actually got to see the outside of the house/the neighborhood some. Celia’s been out on her new bike (thanks to cousin Victoria) and is ready for Lakeside vacation. Celia is growing out her bangs so the hair is a big hassle every morning. Her teeth are coming out in batches any more, so she has a gapped, crooked smile! Two of the last four teeth she’s wiggled out on her own. Celia hasn’t put the teeth under her pillow because she wants to keep them.

Finding houses to rent at Lakeside was a bit of a hassle this year (thanks, mom, for figuring that out!). The houses we’ve stayed in for the last several years were not available this year, so we had to start from scratch. We’re getting pickier about where we’ll stay at Lakeside, what the house has to have, etc. that it’s hard to find enough houses near enough to each other to fit us all. My sister, Marcia, just suggested a family spelling bee for this year, and it sounds like a great idea. Better start reading that dictionary now…

Clark & Celia are on spring break next week, so that should be fun. I’m itching for warmer weather so I can start walking around the yard checking for plants coming back. We do have daffodils coming–the squirrels and chipmunks didn’t get them all last year!

Oh yes, my surgery that was scheduled for earlier this week has been postponed until I can get a new health issue taken care of. Really want that done before the end of April, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to get through this new round of doctors/tests/etc. before then…. I want to get all that over with soon because I’m ready for summer to begin!

PS–there are a few new pictures in the Flicker album, to the right.


February pictures on Flickr February 28, 2010

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Tessa at 13 months

I guess I did take more pictures in February than I thought…just not too many good ones! I uploaded a bunch of pictures to Flicker (on the right). Bless you if you take the time to slog through them.

Today we got a gate to put at the top of our (steep, dangerous) basement stairs in case someone visiting forgets to close the door. We’ve had one heart-stopping incident of the door being left open and that was more than enough. The cat can no longer get to the basement, where he had his food dish, and he is very confused. He’ll now be a strictly upstairs cat, and more than likely a bedroom-only cat. He’s old and timid. Oh yes, the stray who stayed, Milo, ended up NOT staying. I still miss him because he had such a great personality, but he was a bit much for our old cat. Milo has found a home where he’s the alpha cat and I’m sure he’s enjoying himself. Tessa says “kitty” and “meow” much less than before because there’s usually no cat to be found any more, and when he does show up, he’s silent!

So Tessa is now walking unsteadily, but very pleased with herself for learning that skill. She has 6 teeth total and many bibs full of drool to prove it. She loves getting in the car twice a day for the drive to school to bring/pick up Celia. She searches the faces of all the kids and won’t make eye contact with the teachers waving at her–she’s intent on finding her “Eeya”! She breaks out in a huge grin as soon as she sees Celia. Celia is the one who can *always* make Tessa laugh.

Next weekend we get together with the group of families from Tessa’s travel group, and I’m really looking forward to that. I haven’t seen some of these babies/children other than pictures from Clark/Colleen! Should be fun. Until then, we have a regular week ahead of us…lots of love, lots of bottles and food, naps, books, school/work, piano, gymnastics, church, etc. We are blessed!


“That’s All She Wrote” February 23, 2010

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Yes, it’s been a loooong time since I’ve posted anything here. Wonder if it even matters anymore–is anyone still following this blog?? It seems as if it’s been a long winter for me, and since a number of very kind, concerned people have asked, I’ll post this one update here and be done with it so the focus can return to Tessa and Celia and Clark.

I was diagnosed w/ breast cancer while Clark was in China for Tessa. This is not terrible news because it’s the best kind of cancer one can have (if there is such a thing). The timing was terrible, yes. After 2 lumpectomies and not being able to get a “clean margin”, we have determined that the best course of action now is a mastectomy, which is scheduled for March 24. After that we’ll look at the pathology report to see what might need to be done on the other side–if more or different cancers are found, cancer found too close to the skin, etc. (Chemo can never be an option for me because I’d lose my transplants.) Mostly I am annoyed at this, wanting to focus on the baby instead of me and my problematic body. I’m also obsessing over the drain tube I’m told I’ll have after surgery. Big old yuck.

I also celebrated Clark’s 50th birthday back in January by coming down with a major case of the flu (yes, I had both shots). Spent the night in ER for good measure. Clark has been very accommodating and helpful as usual, and he hasn’t once complained that his birthday went by almost unacknowledged (thanks, mom & dad, for bringing him pizza that night!). I am so grateful that he’s had time off work–originally for Tessa’s adoption but it’s also included too much Janet care. I’m also so thankful and indebted to so many kind people who have helped me in so many ways this winter–meals, house cleaning, cards, and mostly prayers.

I’m not yet where I want to be strength-, energy- and health-wise, but I’m getting there. The girls are being fed, cared for, Celia is getting to school and back, and we’re getting the essentials done. Look forward to feeling better soon and getting outside when the sun returns and the weather warms up!

And that’s all she wrote!


A few days later… January 6, 2010

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Big girl "standing" on Christmas EveHa! It’s been wayyyyyy more than the few days I’d said I would post Tessa’s new weight. I’m sure she’s even bigger now, but here’s the official weight and height from Tessa’s doctor visit on December 17, 2009:

Weight = 18lb 3oz
Height = 28-1/4″

From 15lb 10oz to more than 18 pounds! She added 2lb 7 oz in a month! I thought for sure the pediatrician would tell us to slow that down, but no, he didn’t seem to blink.

So it looks like Colleen V (18) and Saralyn B (18.5) guessed the closest!

We know she loves her food and her bottles and doesn’t seem to have a full switch. We also learned the hard way not to mess with her meals and eating schedule. 🙂

I’ll add new posts (Christmas Eve, Christmas, Tessa’s first birthday) soon!

Happy New Year to you all.


New Weight Poll December 19, 2009

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Happy Sisters

Tessa was back at the doctor yesterday (Thursday) and got her new weight after being home for a little more than a month. Anyone want to venture a guess as to what she weighs now? She weighed 15 pounds, 10 ounces at her last visit. I’ll post the actual weight in a day or so.

Tessa got 3 shots yesterday and boy did we hear about them last night / this morning! She was not at all happy, extremely uncomfortable, and running a temp of 103. Clark finally got her to fall asleep by lounging in the recliner with her for a looonnnggg time. Reminded us of the nights we’d spend up with Celia, trying to get her to sleep. But Tessa should be doing better today and tonight as long as we keep the tylenol or ibuprofen going. Poor thing–she has such a pathetic cry. I’ll have to remember to schedule nothing the day after her next round of shots! Celia never had any kind of reaction to shots, and she got a lot of them her first year or so. I’m sure everyone is a bit tired of hearing how different our girls are, but to us it’s fascinating and a great reminder of how God has made each of us as individuals, with great specific plans for our lives.

Today (it’s now Saturday) Tessa showed us the sign for more, one that Celia also picked up right away. Tessa was asking for more food, of course!

I added a few new pictures to the Flickr album, for anyone interested.