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Clark's Trip to China for Tessa

More December 12, 2009

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More is the keyword in the Carey home of late!
**laundry (so many bibs! teeny-tiny onesies, socks)
**food (Tessa loves to eat)
**dishes (lots of little bowls and spoons)
**toys and books (mostly chewable)

We’ve been privileged with several visits from Grandma and Grandpa–there’s another wonderful more. We put up the Christmas tree but without Tessa or the new cat taking too much notice. I think Tessa is mostly asleep when the lights go on! She is sleeping and napping well, such a blessing for us “older” parents. Celia continues to advance in her piano lessons, delighting her teacher each week, even though she doesn’t get to practice as much as I think she should! Yet every week she pulls it out of her hat and plays well for her teacher.

Clark is still off work, which turned out to be a blessing and good timing as I had a surgical procedure earlier this week. He was home with the baby and then could do all her care while I couldn’t for a few days. Soooo good to hold and cuddle her again! We have such wonderful friends who have been keeping us well-fed with delicious meals while I recuperated. You should have shown up at our house around mealtime…great food around here!

Now it’s on to big-time Christmas planning and shopping and fun! We start this weekend with gingerbread cookie making with dear friends from Celia’s adoption travel group. But soon after that we say good-bye to my brother and his wife and family as they move to China. He got a job there and they will live in Beijing. It will be good for Xia Kui to be close to her parents and family again, and she and Rob would like the girls to experience life in China while they’re young. Celia will dearly miss her much-loved cousins Victoria and Stephanie!


Yep, It’s Definitely Teething (Wednesday morning, November 25) November 25, 2009

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Sisters Ready for Church

Being the highly-intelligent people we are, we’ve (finally) concluded that Tessa is definitely teething big time! Celia came to us a bit older, with a mouthful of teeth, and never really suffered with teething pain, so it took us awhile to figure this one out! In a lot of ways, we feel like first-time parents, as Tessa is younger and smaller than Celia and more baby-like. We can’t just leave her in a standing position against the sofa–she’ll tip or collapse. Sometimes she’ll still tip while sitting, and other times she’s definitely a two-hand hold.

Clark is transferring old video from tape to DVD, and it’s been really fun to see Celia chatting and moving when she was just home. Celia’s enjoying it too.

Tonight Celia gets to spend the night at Grandma’s along with a cousin or two, so she’s anxious for school to get out today so she can get over there! We’re heading to my mom’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving, and I’m already laughing at how full our trunk will be of food, gear, baby stuff! We’ll see if Tessa naps there.

Celia says that Friday’s visit to the circus is a family “custom”, and she’s right–she’s been to the circus every year except one since she was 3. This time it’s a Daddy-Daughter outing, along with a friend and her Dad. She’ll have a blast. Then it’s over to Aunt Colleen & Uncle Paul’s to meet the other cousins, Christina, Scott, Matt, and Darcy. Tessa will enjoy the attention.

I was getting lots of encouragement last night from a certain sister to post more pictures, so here are a few more. Since we’ve mostly been at home, on the blanket in the living room, I’m not shooting a ton of pictures. Maybe it’s because I am on the floor, the camera is way over there, and it’s hard to get up off the floor! It *is* harder to get off the floor this time around…5-1/2 years is a long time!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We are certainly thankful for our Thanksgiving blessings and thank God for every good thing He brings to us, deserving or not (mostly not).


Saturday morning, November 21 November 21, 2009

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Look at my baby sister!

It’s 7 AM Saturday, and both girls are still asleep! Tessa slept through the night last night, yahoo! Of course, I was awake at 3:00…why I don’t know. Celia had a hard time going to bed last night, though. She had set up a little fort under Tessa’s crib (which is in our bedroom) and snuck in there at some point after being put to bed in her room. I heard lots of shuffling and assumed it was one of the cats. Then I found her under there, giggling. She did not like having to return to her own bed for the night. She thinks all four of us should sleep in the same room.

Today Aunt Colleen & Uncle Paul come over for lunch. I wonder how much Tessa remembers Aunt Colleen? Tessa is such a smiley girl and gives her smiles freely, so I wonder if any smiles for Aunt Colleen are because she remembers her or because she’s a sweet girl. Tomorrow is Tessa’s first visit to church. We’ll see how that goes–it’s right when she’s usually napping!

Hope everyone else had as a good a night as we did! And yes, I put more pictures in the Flickr album.

PS–Aunt Colleen (“gugu”) just left and Tessa was all smiles for her!


Thursday night, November 19 November 20, 2009

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Here she is!

Just a quick note to let you know that there are some new airport/homecoming pictures in the Flickr album thanks to our friends the Morices, who helped us welcome baby Tessa home on Saturday. I think you can see by the pictures the overwhelming emotions Clark and I felt that day, and we continue to feel: we are incredibly blessed with the gift of two daughters, loving and helpful family, and each other. I don’t know how he did it, but Clark made this trip look like a walk in the park. He’s an amazing Daddy.


Adjusting to Her New Home; Monday night, November 16 November 17, 2009

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Big Sister Celia, At Last!

Everyone is in bed, Clark having hit the jet-lag wall a few hours ago. He never slept last night, and Tessa was up a few times. We’re hoping that tonight she’ll sleep through the night or else up just once.

She naps in the morning and afternoon, and naps well. You can tell she’s ready for something (diaper change, food or nap) when the normally smiley, happy girl starts to fuss. She’ll go right to sleep for her nap as soon as she’s found her favorite blanket to keep at her cheek. This is much different (so far) from Celia’s napping routine, which was to fight it every inch of the way, and never fall asleep except upright, in the stroller. Clark put many miles on the stroller Celia’s first summer, morning and afternoon, trying to get her to nap. One rainy day I even resorted to pushing her in the stroller inside the house!

Tessa’s face literally lights up when she sees Clark or Celia. I’m hoping soon she’ll give me as many smiles as she gives them. I’m getting close, and it’s been just two days. She’s fascinated by the cats and wants to touch them, but just can’t bring herself to do it, yet.

Since she has such a bad cold and congestion, we took her to the doctor today, a week earlier than planned. Good news is her lungs are clear and she just needs time to get over this cold. No smiles for the doctor, but no tears for him, either. She’s gained 6 ounces since she was weighed in China: she’s now 15 lb. 10 oz. We also had to have blood drawn, which was a terrible thing. She wore herself out crying and fell asleep in the car on the way home.

She’s sitting up by herself better, even in the last few days, and I’ve had her on her tummy on the floor/blanket a lot. She doesn’t like it but will tolerate it for a bit. Celia rewards her with a new toy whenever she rolls herself over or pushes herself up with straight arms.

Back to Saturday, the day Clark & Tessa came home from China. Can you believe I could have missed meeting their flight? When Clark, Rob & Celia came home five years ago, it took them 2 hours from the time the flight landed to when they cleared customs and all. I didn’t want Celia getting bored waiting at the airport for hours, so I was thinking I’d get there about an hour after their flight landed. After hearing that my parents were planning to be at the airport much sooner than I was made me change my plans, quick get myself out of the house, pick up the pink balloons, and race to the airport. And a good thing, too–when I arrived one couple from our travel group was already out! I felt terrible, thinking I might have missed seeing them come out. Turns out I did have some time to spare, but still!!! Their flight also landed about 25 minutes early, too.

Good friends of ours who have also adopted a daughter from China came to share in the excitement at the airport, and brought another pink balloon for Tessa. In the end, Celia abandoned the balloons for her sister, and held her for the first time at the airport. Celia does pretty well carrying her, but really just short distances for now, and with supervision. She really is the best entertainer; Tessa can’t keep her eyes off Celia.

So this week I’m trying to stay at home as much as possible (just a few doctor appts) and let Tessa get to know me. If we don’t answer the phone, it just means that I’m on the floor playing with my sweet-cheeks baby! I’ve added some airport homecoming and some at-home pictures to the Flickr album, for those interested.


Clark and Tessa Are Home and Clark is blogging November 15, 2009

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I can’t tell you how good it is to be home after a long day. It is fun reading all your posts, and encouraging words. Tessa and I both slept pretty well last night. We are taking her to the Dr. tomorrow to get checked. Celia just adores her and loves to play with her. She refuses to do diapers though. Tessa is eating well.



To Follow Them as they fly over the North Pole November 13, 2009

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Go to http://www.united.com, Flight Status, enter flight number 896 (Hong Kong to Chicago) departing November 14, 2009.

I didn’t get to follow them via the computer on their way to China as Celia and I were out running that entire day. Hope to see something this time.

UA #896
arrives 11.14.09 at 11:41 AM, terminal 5

We’ll be there with pink balloons!